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Income Replacement Insurance

People are often confused about where to invest the money received from Life Insurance Company after the demise of the policy holder. Some people are not able to make smart financial decisions and may end up utilizing the money inefficiently. This money if invested wisely, can generate regular income for your family by making use of a fraction of lump sum amount until it exhausts after generating much higher returns than the assured amount.

The Insurance company pledges payment of a lump sum amount to the person who has taken the policy (or nominees) on the happening of the event which is Insured.

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Why Income Replacement Insurance?

If you incidentally meet with an accident that render you disabled for some time, there will be a major concern about how to continue your livelihood and maintain your’s and your family expenses. It will be a even bigger problem if you are the sole bread winner for the family. For times like this you need Income Replacement Insurance as it substitutes your income if you meet with such untoward incident because of an illness or injury. With a supplement Income while you are undergoing a treatment you can pass on this tough time without an overwhelming anxiety. Plan Insurance can give you plethora of policy options to supplement your income with Income Replacement Insurance with various benefits.

Income Replacement Life Insurance Plans

Income Replacement Insurance is a relatively new plan launched by several life insurance companies. These plans are aimed to rescue the feeling that a policy holder might have about his dependent that he/she may not be able to invest and utilize the lump sum payout efficiently.

Therefore after the demise of policy holder, Income Replacement Insurance Plan can also make payment as a regular monthly income over a specific or extended period (10-15 years or more). In this scenario the plan can be broken into a onetime payment along with continued monthly compensation to the nominee. There’s more to make it even more interesting. The total amount received over a period of time to the beneficiary will be greater than the sum assured in the policy.

These are sensible plans for households with a sole earning member and where your spouse, kids and other family members are not financially wise to make smart investment decisions.


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